Me no good at the maths

TextsText conversation with the Wife from this morning when I told her I’d launched the blog last night:

Wife: You did??? You didn’t tell me!

Moments later….

Wife: Also, we’ve been married almost 13 years, not 12.

Me: It only felt like 12?

Wife: LOL. You can write about how I pointed that out, even though I’m the one who forgets anniversaries.

So although I can’t count (clearly) she forgets anniversaries, so really, who is the villain here I ask you?

Not me.

I am however lucky that 1) she found humor in it and isn’t sharpening a knife and 2) she immediately thought it made a good post.

She “gets” me. She may not want to keep me but she “gets” me.


1 Response to “Me no good at the maths”

  1. 1 BEDoran84
    June 19, 2013 at 8:01 pm

    Heh, That’s spot on. Mine is like that too. Although, I’m constantly convinced that she wasn’t really paying attention when i asked if she would marry me, and was answering “Yes” to some other question she thought she was hearing.

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