He’s devious, that Alpha Tween

Have you guys seen the Dikembe Mutumbo commercial for Geico? The one where he wanders from scene to scene deflecting anything airborne?

If not, check out the video below, then proceed with this story.

So this past weekend I’m sitting on the floor playing with Dog, because she demands my attention whenever I need to do work. (Right now, The Wife is home sick and entertaining her so I actually get work done.)

Internet, meet Roadkill. Roadkill already mt the road.

Internet, meet Roadkill. Roadkill already mt the road.

Anyway, I’m sitting on the dining room floor tossing one of Dog’s toys (a squirrel we call roadkill because, well, roadkill) when Alpha Tween comes by and sits down on the floor off to the side, sort of in the flight path of the roadkill tossing, but sort of not.

He strikes up a conversation about something (I can’t remember, I’m off sugar, brain no like work anymore no how) and we chat, all while I’m tossing the squirrel to Dog.  Dog is  is happily sprinting after it, leaping over the edge of the carpet (I don’t know why, maybe the pet equivalent of ‘step on a crack, break your mama’s back) and the three of us are all having a great time.

When all of the sudden, I toss the roadkill in the air and Alpha Tween reaches up and absolutely slaps it out of the air.

Dog and I both stare after the squirrel for a second, then, almost as one, turn to the kid.

Alpha Tween smiles, raises his hand and waggles his finger at me.

“No, No, No, not in my house.”

He then got up smiling and left.

I’m not even sure how the hell he saw that commercial.

All I know is the Dog is still offended.

No apparently, yes, in my house

No apparently, yes, in my house

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Bas doing the Geico no no no Dikembe Mutumbo commercial on me when I was throwing the dog toy.

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