Nothing Kicks More Ass Than a Seahorse Tattoo

This one will amuse my old friend Paul for reasons which will become evident to him midway through the piece if he reads it.

Omega Child and I were driving back from gymnastics recently when he announced that he had decided what one of his tattoos was going to be.

Yes, he’s going to have tattoos and yes he has thought about what they will be.


A little backstory:

When the Wife and I went to New Orleans back in January of 2011, I finally got around to getting a tattoo, something I had wanted to do for a long time but never got around to.

130701-195630I used to surf when we lived in California and while I had done it very rarely in the last few years we lived there as a family it meant home to me and I wanted to keep that part of my past with me, especially after having moved 3,000 miles away. Some might think there are easier or better ways that don’t involve needles and ink, but I always had wanted a tattoo.

We went to the well known and highly respected Electric Ladyland Tattoo parlor and the artist there designed a chain of sharks in a tribal design.

I’m very happy with it and one day I’ll get some additional work done as well.

Anyway the moment we got back from New Orleans, the kids went nuts over the ink (my wife got some work done as well). They began planning their own work right then and it continues to this day.

I don’t much care if they get tattoos when they hit 18 (in some places, 21) and my thoughts on tats in general will be for another column.


Omega Child announced that he was most definitely going to get a tattoo of a seahorse on his arm.

Hopefully this is the one he gets...

Hopefully this is the one he gets…

I asked, “why a seahorse?”

He replied, “Well because they’re cool!”

Really, how can you argue with that?

Then—and this is for you Paulie—he announced that his first tattoo was going to be a snake wrapping itself around his knee and going down his leg.

I admit that it’s not quite the same as my friend’s desire to have an octopus wrapped around his knee back in New Orleans when he was in college (which they wouldn’t do because of the Hurricanes. Not Katrina, the alcoholic drink).

But it was what I immediately thought of.

So, a seahorse and a snake.

I’m waiting for a theme to develop.

Or his interest to wain.

With this kid though, it’s likely neither thing will happen.

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