All Quiet on the Dad Front

The view from today's office....

The view from today’s office….

As of today, both kids are in camp and will from here on out be occupied just about full time.

Alpha Tween is doing a lacrosse camp for the first time and has fallen in love with the sport. He gets done in the early afternoon, but he also is a lot more self-sufficient so when he gets home I can still work.

Omega Child will be gone until late afternoon. Since he’s just turning 8, he needs a lot more attention. Which is fine, as long as I can plan for it.

It’s been quiet here today and that’s odd to say the least, especially after the clamor of the weekend.

Still, it’s nice to have your own space and time to yourself. Of course, as a work from home/stay at home dad, you also have to actually manage your time. It’s not all episodes of Arrow and sleeping.

My biggest issue working at home has always been working from home. What I mean is, just because I have the house to myself and everything is quiet doesn’t mean I get things done efficiently.

The Wife can tell you that. I’m just not an efficient guy much of the time. My brain wanders, I get into discussions on Twitter or back and forth emails.

I sometimes drag everything out in ways which would make Omega Child proud.

I am most often effective when I schedule myself for things, something I really hate. I don’t like schedules and when I set them I have a hard time adjusting for when things don’t go the way I planned and I get very stressed out.

On the other hand, I get stressed out when I don’t get things done because I lack a plan.

I haven’t quite figured out how to make that work. I can do some work at night, but I don’t always function well in the evening. I can get up earlier but I really don’t function well and end up wasting time while my brain boots up.

I don’t have all that much on my plate these days, though I have a spec article for a large site I am working on which has some priority. The fact is that it’s all about time management.

I’ve talked before about how we have to decide and prioritize our work/family ratio. It’s an ongoing process of course, one we have to constantly adjust.

If I want quality time with the kids – a game of Axis and Allies with Alpha Tween in the afternoon, kicking the soccer ball around with Omega Child when he gets home – I need to force myself to be more efficient in the mornings.

As I have said before, you can’t have it both ways. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

I choose to spend time with my kids and wife in the afternoon and evenings. It isn’t always possible, but if I want it to occur at all, I need to sack up and focus.

And for me, that’s always been one of the hardest things to do.

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