I am a T-Shirt Fashionista

I’m “odd T-Shirt” dad at this point.

I suppose I always have been, but I really only embraced it fully once I started working from home and watching the kids.

When I have a little cash, it’s my weakness.

He really did.....

He really did…..

My only one now, come to think of it, since I stopped drinking Cherry Coke in an effort to lose some weight and feel better.

The latest acquisitions come via Cafe Press, which always has some decent geek and nerd-centric T-Shirts. The catchphrases on them will probably only mean something if you enjoy the show Supernatural—the tale of Sam and Dean Winchester, brothers who tool around the country battling demons, ghosts and other creepiness in their 1967 Impala while listening to classic rock and metal.

It’s hard to believe I like this show, right?

And by that I mean never has a show been more perfectly aimed at one person ever, perhaps maybe Buffy the Vampire Slayer, though I might actually enjoy Supernatural more.


Firefly is up there too. But I digress.

If you haven’t watched the show and are a fan of horror television, I urge you to check it out. It sometimes gets scary, sometimes silly, often breaks the 4th wall and shifts tone very seamlessly.

"The Family Business"

“The Family Business”

At some point I have to wonder if one or both my kids will become embarrassed by the never-ending stream of shirts with vague nerd comments on them.

At least my wife thinks it’s endearing (or is not worth fighting—either way I’ll take it).

But in my opinion, I think it’s important to show your kids it’s OK to be you.

It’s OK to dress differently, cut your hair differently, enjoy different things and dislike other things the majority likes.

That may not be something they understand for a long time. Grade school, especially middle and high school is about conforming and not standing out, even when you do. It can take a kid a long time to find their confidence and voice.

All I can do it show them the way.


Who can tell?

For those who don’t understand the shirts, here is some context.

Castiel (dude in the overcoat) is an angel. He’s having a rough millennium.

And the second quote comes from an early episode in about the second season—this is the only clip I have of it that I like.

Just watch the damned show (without your kids unless your kids are spooky kids).

Plus you get awesome extras like this (which was also posted at my friend Sarah’s blog, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books which is a must read if you like either of those things).

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