Vacation, All I Ever Wanted!

Hey, it’s a family vacation!

My mother-in-law is in town for the week (hello!) and The Wife decided it would be fun for the family to get away for a few days down to the Shore. She found and rented the top floor of a house half a block from the Bay and a block or so from the ocean.

It’s pretty awesome, but then again, so is she.


Of course, I have some work to do and so does she, but it’s a helluva lot nicer to do it on a sunlit porch with a breeze than in our hot apartment.

Being awakened to un-plug a toilet notwithstanding.

We arrived yesterday and went straight to the beach. Omega Child played in the sand, looking for sea creatures while Alpha and I dove into the water and tried to (unsuccessfully) body surf. You could actually walk out pretty for in the water without it getting more than waist high.

The Wife and mother-in-law bailed to get some groceries, leaving me in charge of the pack.

"Hi, I'm Bob. I'm a quality control crab here at Innitech"

“Hi, I’m Bob. I’m a quality control crab here at Innitech”

It was a lot of fun. Omega kept finding things to pull me out of the water. We discovered  tiny teeny clams which dug themselves into the sand while you watched.

There was a jellyfish (not biting kind apparently) stranded on the sand that we dug up with a shell and rescued.

And we met Bob the crab.

Bob (who almost ended up named Alfred, I have no clue why but then, why Bob, right?) is a crab of unknown type and origin who, I’ll be honest, Omega might have thought was a Pokemon.

We had a good time with Alfred/Bob, who we captured on film for educational purposes only, and then freed.

Omega did refer to him as a mammal and a bug at different times, but he knew his crab facts. He’s a little professor and loves to “teach” people about things.

Bob, by the way, Like the mini-clams, immediately dug into the sand and disappeared. He was not interested in our offer to come by for dinner.

Here is our purely educational video of Bob, in which it is alleged I am trying to drown him.

We have a longer video which I’ll probably put on Facebook at some point.

I then convinced Omega Child to join Alpha and I in the water. Omega has a thing about the ocean and swimming – he thinks he’s not as good a swimmer but he is very good. It’s a confidence thing and we don’t push it too hard. He just needs more lessons.

So he doesn’t like to go deep in the water, even if he can stand.

He agreed to get a piggyback ride to the sand bar (I think mostly for the ride) and hung out there with his brother and I for a long time.

We had a blast.

There might be some changes coming to our lifestyles (more clarity next week) so it’s nice to have a minute to just enjoy the kids with no stress, no responsibilities (save keep them safe) and nothing but time.

We left the beach tired, but happy. We even made plans to bring my board out next year so I can teach the kids to surf (the beach near us is good for easy longboarding).

Then grandma sugared them up on Oreos while my wife and I went out for dinner.

All in all, a great start to the vacation.

As I will be dodging the heat off and on this week, we’ll have an irregular posting schedule – you’ll probably see a couple every day until Friday when we leave.

Hope you’re having a great week as well.

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