Happy Birthday Professor Omega!

Eight years ago today, at 4:20 PM PST we welcomed our second child into the world.

It was July in Los Angeles, with record breaking heat to boot – so it wasn’t just hot, it was REALLY HOT.

We did a home birth for the second kid. My wife had wanted to do that when Alpha was born, but despite having had a friend who wanted to be a midwife (and has since become super-midwife, traveling around the world doing midwife things with her family – Hi Tina!) and knowing it to be perfectly safe, I had talked her out of it.

With this second pregnancy though, I had been more enthusiastic about it, so when my wife went into labor we just made her comfortable, called the midwife and jacked up the window air conditioner.

Our first child progressed more rapidly (we’ll save that story for his birthday), but the Professor took his time.

This would become a pattern which repeats itself to this day. The dawdler.

Much of that day was a blur – the heat, the labor, the heat, the waiting,the heat – but when it was time for him to be born, the midwife turned to me and asked me if I wanted to deliver him.

I don’t know how many of you dads out there have had the opportunity to have your child born into your hands. There’s no way to describe it, really. To be the first thing he sees – to be that active in the birth, not just an observer but the physically deliver the baby – it was incredible.

I sat and stared at his little face for what seemed like a million years – until our midwife suggested that maybe mama would like to meet her baby.

I found that hard to believe really……. but handed him over anyway.

The other strong memory I have of those first few days was a nasty diaper rash which required us to lay him down bare-assed naked on a towel with a light pointed at his rear end, which was slathered with diaper cream. Alpha Tween thought it was the funniest thing ever to happen.

It probably was.

Welcome to the world, kid.

It’s been a crazy eight years. Every day I see a new part of him that I hadn’t noticed before. Every day is a revelation.

I love you, baby boy (not so much a baby anymore).

I’ll always be there to catch you when you need me to.

note – I just noticed that Professor Omega sounds like a Doctor Who villain (although he did get a locket as a gift which he was pretending held his Time Lord memories, so maybe) so we’ll just call him Professor from here on out. Which fits the whole Time Lord thing anyway.


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