Winning Dad of the Interwebs for Today (and why cursing sometimes undercuts your point)

So today I read a post at XOJane.com which—I swear to God—is not a normal stop on my daily interweb perusals.

I had missed this particular kerfuffle but apparently there was a 14 year old girl who lives in Austin, Texas and had gotten herself some unintentional internet notoriety (is there any other kind?) for a sign she took to a protest against many of the laws Texas is trying hard to pass restricting women’s health rights.

Now she and her friend came up with a sign which was at once great (because it really was funny in a blue/low brow way) and rude.

I shall repeat the words here—hold onto your knickers kids.

The sign said:

Now, it’s not shocking that this went viral and if you know me, it’s also not shocking I was amused. After all, I have this shirt:

So yeah, if I didn’t offend you with the first one, I probably did there.

I will say, in my defense, that as the son of a carpenter and a man of the people, Jesus would probably converse in language some of you would blush at. My opinion—for whatever it’s worth—is that if Jesus were to pop up today, he’d probably speak to people in vernacular which is common to the majority of us.

And frankly, the above message is his message anyway and the quickest way to say it.

Anyway, let me get back to the story for the three of you still reading (hi mom!).

The young lady in question was shouted and swore at by one “Christian” (I put it in quotes because why paint ya’ll with the same brush?) in person who wasn’t exactly acting very Christian-like.

She also was basically assaulted—by mostly adults—on social media and was called among other things “a whore.”


So this is where dad becomes dad of the interwebs for today—he takes to social media and message boards to back his daughter. But from what I’ve seen, he didn’t just go for the “HEY DOUCHEBAG SAY THAT TO MY FACE AND I’LL KICK YOUR ASS” common behind keyboards across the internet.

He attempted to engage in debate—which as we know on social media, comment boards and message boards is a lost cause. But he did that anyway and continues to.

See, this is an awesome dad because not only is he defending his child he’s showing her that you can have a point and do so without resorting to bullying, name calling or being an asshole.

Maybe you don’t agree with he and his daughter and maybe you think he was irresponsible letting her take that sign out there to begin with. I mean, let’s face it, while you can expect harassment at any protest by people who disagree with you, that sign is a sure way to attract the wrong attention.

It’s eye catching, it gets its point across and again, I laughed, but you risk having your message missed because of the language. It’s rude. One could argue that what the legislature in Texas is doing is rude too, but again, you risk offending more people than changing their mind by not conforming to basic polite language.

The vulgarity of the phrasing can undercut and distract from your point.

On the other hand, I don’t really worry much about conforming so what the crap do I know, amirite?

But back to the dad point—he let her express herself, supported her desire to try and affect change and then when it got tough, he showed the right way to fight back.

That’s what being a parent is about. Guiding your kids, allowing them to make mistakes, backing them when things get tough and showing them the right way to do things.

So good work Bill Cain. Teaching your child to conduct his or herself in the face of hatred or bullying is at least as important as teaching them to be politically active, educated and passionate about their opinions.

In fact, if we could all conduct ourselves with your attitude, we might actually spend time talking through our issues instead of screaming at each other like toddlers.

Hell we might even solve some of them. Crazy, right?

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