The Coaching Expirement Begins

So today has been another high-stress, nothing-going-according-to-plan kind of day.

The reward for not losing my mind is to make kids run laps at Youth Football practice today.

Yes, today I become a coach—really more of a coach’s helper.

I can’t be at games on Sunday because that’s when I do my NFL video gig. But as it stands I can help coach for practices.

The aim is to help Alpha Tween’s team as much as I can, once he’s officially on a team (that will depend on his weight in a few weeks).

I have mixed feelings about this for a number of reasons.

First, it is incredibly hard to coach your own kid. Many parents are either too easy or (more often) too hard on their children. Some parents will favor their kids because they’re in a position to do it and think their kid is special. Some parents will be super hard on their kids to avoid the appearance of favoritism.

Then I’m also nervous because while I write about football, putting it into practice with kids is a whole different thing. My responsibilities will probably be minimal, but still I don’t want to screw up.

Finally, I just found out we have coaches meetings tomorrow and Sunday at 8:30am.

So, there goes that sleep.

Anyway, I am excited and this should be a lot of fun.

Hope you enjoy the experience through our eyes as well.


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