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He’s Not Wrong

Today I was on Facebook looking at the endless stream of very adorable baby pictures of my friend and his wife’s new boy when the Professor wandered into the office.

Him: Where’d you get all those baby pictures?

Me: Oh, they’re on Facebook.

Him: *sigh* EVERYTHING is on Facebook these days.

Remember when Facebook was this amazing technology which let us keep in contact with friends both past and present?

Apparently the kids are “over” it now.

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Two Whistles, No Waiting

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As you know, I’ve been coaching Pop Warner football since the beginning of August.

It’s been a rough season so far, which I’ll elaborate about at a later date, but a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, The Professor is getting ready for his soccer season and the league is short coaches.

Bravely, kindly (perhaps unwisely) my wife volunteered to be an assistant coach, making sure to mention she had only the vaguest ideas of how to play the game but could, in her words “herd the heck out of kids.”

There was no communication from whoever runs the league, so she assumed they didn’t need her after all.

She then got an email saying not only did they need her, but that they were still short head coaches and now some assistant coaches would be paired together to act as a co-coach.

She immediately knew she’d be one of the lucky assistants designated as a co-coach.

And she was.

She reached out to her partner, saying “hey I don’t know what the Hell I am doing, please help” and found out that her partner didn’t have the time to fully coach.

Getting the idea that this is going to go well?

On the upside, The Professor is thrilled she is coaching and we now have two whistles in the house.

This is possibly the greatest event in the history of our family.

No more do we need to shout across the house for the boys. We just whistle.

Didn’t clean up your room? Whistle.

Left your socks in the living room? Whistle.

Ate the last cookie? Two whistles.

In fact, mornings will get much more organized. Either of us can sneak upstairs and start blowing our whistles to wake the boys up!

And it’s all on the up-and-up. All official. Because we’re both coaches and as coaches, are duly licensed users of whistles.

There’s no stopping us.

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Back Again!

So, it’s been a while.

The last few weeks have been chaos for a number of reasons—the start of football season, some job issues and the beginning of school—and I sort of fell off the planet.

But I’m back now and will be writing regularly again.

I’ll fill you in on some of the drama later, but for now, just know I am alive and mostly functional.

And my Pop Warner team is 1-1. Which, really, is the important thing, right?

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