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Let’s Share the ALS Love Around

So I’m sure you’ve heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and how it’s raised more than $30 million for research over the last month.

To say it’s been successful is an understatement. There are certainly varying opinions on it and we’re not going to get into them here because that’s not what this is about.

I’ve had a few conversations with people I care about over the last few days and one thing which struck me in those discussions is that while it’s fantastic that so much money is being raised fore ALS, we shouldn’t forget that it’s not the only cause worth donating to.

It reminded me of what the Red Cross said after 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

After both tragedies, the Red Cross was inundated by people donating blood. Great, right?

The only problem was (and in some ways I suppose it’s a good problem to have) is that they were quickly at capacity. Blood only lasts so long and they had more than they could use before it “went bad.”

So they asked people who hadn’t given yet to wait and hold off. They wanted people to give blood at a later date, when they were sure they would need it again and supplies would be lower.

So I’d like you to consider this an extra Ice Bucket Challenge—minus the bucket. And ice. And water.

Donate to ALS if that’s what you want to do. But I challenge you to match what you’re donating to another cause—one you either are more passionate about or that you think deserves it as well.

Now, money is tight and I get that. If you can only afford to donate $10 anywhere, consider splitting that $10. Half to ALS and half to your other cause. We were all just focused on the impact of domestic violence on women when Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended for too short a time. So send $5 to a women’s shelter. Or to cancer research.

Or be super-cool and donate to the bike ride to raise money for diabetes research my sister-in-law and brother-in-law are doing.

It doesn’t matter what you donate to or how much. Just do it.

In our zeal to help ALS, let’s not forget about all the other things which need our help.

Let’s spread the love.


Ladies and Gents: Your New Disney Princess

I had another post I was working on, but this came into my Facebook feed so it gets precedence because, well:


Can’t wait to see her in the Disney Parade of Princesses or whatever they call that gridlock several times a day on Main Street.


Back with more substantive things later.

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