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Chasing Fireflies

Leaving New York City was a pretty easy choice for our family. We weren’t terribly happy there in many ways, though I will always miss the subway, how quickly I could get into Manhattan and some friends we just don’t get to see much of anymore.

That said, the benefits of moving out of the city have been pretty big. Better schools for the kids, a more suburban area for them to bike around in, a backyard.

You have no idea how huge a backyard is when you have kids until you’ve had one and then given it up as we did when we left California four years ago (has it been that long?).

It’s nice to just dump the kids outside without worrying.

FireflyHuntAnd then there are the fireflies.

At some point in the near future we’ll talk about how we seem to have moved into a zoo or wildlife preserve but for now just know there are critters everywhere.

Last night was the first evening this summer we have seen fireflies.

To be sure, there were fireflies in NYC, but they seemed few and far between, unless you were in the local park.

Last night our fireflies were right in the backyard.

It seems like last summer the kids were never around much when fireflies appeared, so when the Wife and I saw the glowing bugs last night, I immediately grabbed the boys.

They jumped right up (putting down the screens they were watching!) and ran downstairs.

At first we only saw the one, but then we discovered more and more lightning bugs as the sun began to set. Omega Child had received a “bug hunting kit” (not the type you run down Aliens with) from school, so he ran upstairs to get it.

And we caught fireflies for about half an hour.

Alpha Tween eventually left for the cooler inside air, but Omega and I caught and released about four lightning bugs before we decided to call it a night. The kid even added some grass and weeds to the container he held the fireflies in to “make it feel more at home” so they would be happier for the two minutes they were in captivity.

Even though it’s summer and a little slower in terms of work projects, I still find the days stay busy. Sometimes it’s hard to do anything once the evening hits and I can take four seconds to relax.

Hell, I regularly pawn off walking Dog to the kids if I can manage it. And I like walking her.

I’m sure its the same for most of you. Your partner gets home and you just want to have some time to yourself. It’s normal and probably the only way to stay sane if you’re a stay-at-home parent of any sort.

But it’s equally important to recognize when special moments are happening. When the Wife and I saw the first firefly, I could have easily just

Shockingly, this firefly got away

Shockingly, this firefly got away

told the kids about it (or not mentioned it at all) and went about my business.

I knew they’d be excited, I knew Omega Child likes hunting bugs, so instead of flopping down in front of the AC or fan and reading, I brought them downstairs.

They were excited. We caught bugs.

And we all got a memory we can carry with us for a long time.

Sure, in reality, they were just fireflies.

But last night for half an hour, they were much, much more.

(as an addendum, Omega Child has a friend over this morning and he just had to tell his friend all about his lightning bug hunt)

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