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The Professor Feels a Baby Kick!

So we went to Philadelphia this weekend to visit family and see the super-awesome Ben Franklin Institute which is, I learned not someplace they clone Ben Franklins to replace our often-not-awesome public officials, but is a place where there are tons of kid-friendly, hands on science stuff.

I plan on writing a review later but spoiler alert it was awesome.

Anyway, we visited a cousin of my wife’s and her family—currently a family of three, but in just a few months becoming four.

While we sat there in the living room, the second-wave-mom-to-be’s little one started to kick. If you’ve never seen a baby kick, it’s really trippy, but also pretty incredible.

The Professor is a younger brother, which means he hasn’t had all those fun older sibling pregnancy moments like talking to the baby in mama’s stomach and feeling it move and so on.

So we could see the baby move and the Professor was absolutely astonished. He just thought it was the coolest thing.

You could tell he really wanted to touch her stomach but—and adults could learn from this—instinctively knew you don’t just randomly do that, even to family.

Luckily, this was sensed by mom-to-be and she asked the Professor if he’d like to feel her belly.

He put his hand down and after a second or two where he didn’t seem sure what he was waiting for, the baby kicked (or punched—you can never tell) and the Professor’s eyes went wide. He laughed and waited until the baby moved again and just seemed totally floored by this.

I know the feeling, having gone through it twice.

In fact it brought to The Wife’s mind how Alpha Tween reacted to it when the Professor was still earning his degree at Womb U.

Alpha Tween (then toddler) had leaned down and rested his head on his mama’s belly when the baby kicked him right in the head.

Now, it wasn’t all that hard or visible but he felt it and it sure seemed unexpected. His eyes flew open and his mouth formed an “oh” of surprise.

It’s one of those moments where, though he won’t remember it really, the whole concept of a sibling in his mother’s body became very real.

It was exciting to watch the Professor get to experience that, though it isn’t his brother or sister in there.

There was a lot to like in Philly, but that might have been the coolest thing I saw.

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