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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALPHA TWEEN (now please go rake the leaves)

Happy Birthday Stinker!

Happy Birthday Stinker!

Twelve years ago today, my wife woke me up from a sound sleep to let me know she was having contractions.

I told her that, if she didn’t mind, I was going to sleep just a little longer.

That she didn’t kill me is a miracle—that she actually agreed to the request for a few minutes is a testament to how labor can throw a woman off.

In my defense, it was going to be a long day so extra sleep was going to be vital!

Alpha Tween is 12 today.

There has been no job so insane, so challenging, so harried—and so wonderful—as the job of raising my sons have been.

I love this kid, both for the child he still is, as well as the man he’s becoming.

And he is becoming a man. Slowly but surely, he’s shaping into the individual he’ll be as a grown up. You can still see the boy—the goofy, still-playing-Pokemon kid who can be entranced by Disney animated films as easily as Shaun of the Dead or The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I couldn’t have predicted any of this. I might have hoped, but never could I have predicted what he was going to be. He wants to write, he loves playing football, loves sports but is cerebral.  The kid who started growing his hair long “to show us he could play football with long hair” and the young man who decided—on his own—to grow it long enough to donate.

I don’t know what’s coming next.Every day he does something new we didn’t see coming.

But what I do know—what I can never wrap my head around—is how much I love him. What’s the saying?

“I love you more today than I did yesterday, but not half as much as I will tomorrow?”

Every day I love this child more and I know “every day” means “for the rest of our lives.”

I never thought my heart could be more full than it was the day I married my wife. Yet the day I held my son in my arms for the first time, saw his face and little toes and hands, the day he peed on me (that deserves it’s own entry later on today or this weekend)—that was the day when I learned my heart can be filled beyond anything I’d ever imagined.

I’m sure I’ll learn it again tomorrow.

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